Sunday, February 20, 2011

Warm/Cool Color Name Designs, 3rd/4th Grade

This is a simple and fun way to teach contour or echo lines, and also teach some simple warm and cool colors.

Start with a 9x12 piece of paper. Have the student write their name in the center. I prefer cursive.

Then, with a ruler draw a slanted line that goes THROUGH your name evenly.

On one side start with the 'echo' line or contour line, going around JUST that side. Keep going all the way out to the edges. Do the same thing on the other side, and match up the lines if you can.

Outline in sharpie.

Have the students pick three warm colors, and three cool colors...then color in a pattern. Warm on one side, cool on the other.

They love these and they are VERY simple to teach!


MN Art Gal (aka Tana) said...

Wow, these are great! I really enjoy your site! I too am an elementary art teacher and have some ideas to share as well. Do I dare begin the art blog...oh so much time involved. Love that you do this! I have another cool name design project for 3rd/4th if you want...

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Hi Tana,
I'm so glad you've been using my site and enjoying it.

You should begin a blog...yes...some work, but worth it to get ideas and share them :)

I would love to hear about your idea. You can email me if you'd like:

Mr. E said...

I do a warm and cool color lesson doing a watercolor weaving. I throw in different techniques with watercolor to make it a bit more interesting(salt, plastic, alcohol..etc). They then do a paper weaving using the two sheets.

tana... said...

Ok, Katie...I did it!! You were such an inspiration for me to begin, so I DID! Ya-hoo! Thanks! Can't wait to share some ideas and chit chat back and forth! Enjoy the long weekend! I'm heading north with my family.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Ted-that's awesome. I've been checking out your blog for ideas, also :)

Tana-AWESOME...can't wait to check it out!

safe meds said...

it is a great design. Specially the pattern. Also it is great that you can have your name on it.

Lara Richard - PhD by Publication said...

oI think that this is a really great art lesson. It also makes for a fun time and great name place cards to put over children’s cubby holes.

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