Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Owls, 1st Grade

I've already posted on these sweet little owls last year-but this one owl from just a few weeks ago is just the cutest thing. I LOVE the bold blue stars in the background.

Snowmen, Kindergarten

I didn't realize how much the full day kindergarteners would like creating their own snowman, but they really did. We started with a template. After that, they could go to town and make their snowman however they wanted. I like to call them "Personality Snowmen". This cool dude is wearing earmuffs. I love how neat the student colored. This boy is one of our ESL students, who really doesn't know much english at all. But, boy...can he color. He is a fantastic little artist for his age. We added cotton for the "snow" affect.

Starry Night, 1st Grade

I love doing this project with 1st graders. They are always in such shock when I show them that they will be making their own version of this:

Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh

We work on bigger paper...12x18. I always choose a blue or teal as our background because it looks fine to have it showing through. They also all get their own pack of oil pastels. It's so cute seeing them so into this. One student just kept saying, "I can't believe I'm making my own Van Gogh!"

Here is the students work:

City Collages, 2nd Grade

Here is only one example of the city collages I did with 2nd graders. Many of them are more detailed then this, but I just snapped a quick picture of this one yesterday for blog-world. I gave every student a 9x12 sheet of black paper and access to a major scrap cart filled with lots of colors. Its a huge mess, basically :-) They constructed their own cities, added details with thin markers, then added a night time sky with oil pastels.

Snowmen with Hearts, 1st Grade

The 1st graders at our school are having a concert that combines a valentines day theme along with snowmen. The music teacher asked me if I could do some little project with them going along with this theme to decorate that night. They are very simple, yet very sweet. Each one is different. The hearts have red glitter on them.