Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful Turkeys, 1st-4th grade

I taught the students how to draw the turkey that was posted on Art Projects For Kids (which was a great base for lots of turkey-projects), and then gave them a variety of materials to use.

I love the one posted directly below, because they chose to add textured grass by doing tissue-paper grass. They all turned out really cute, and the kids always love learning something new to draw and add to their book of "can-do's".

Spiders on Webs, 1st Grade

We started with a 9x12 black piece of paper and a white crayon. I did my best to teach the concept of drawing a web (which is slightly harder then I thought it would be)...

Then, I let them have-at the scrap bin, and taught them how to create some spiders. They then added them to their little webs.

This was again, another fun one-day take home project for the Halloween season.

Positive/Negative Pumpkins, 2nd Grade

Gotta love Art Projects for Kids, to whom I credit this awesome idea. It was a great one-day take home project for Halloween and if we did it really slow, and together...they kids did a really great job with it.