Friday, February 27, 2009

Flower Meadows, 1st Grade

I have posted on these before, but I brought them back again this year for one class as our art-show submission. This one little 1st grader made some gorgeous flowers out of tissue paper...almost exotic-looking....and they are LOVELY. Just had to share. They aren't even finished yet--but this made me smile.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simple Self Portraits, Kindergarten

Last week I wasn't quite sure what to do with my full day kindergarten classes (to be very honest!) that would keep them attentive and occupied the entire time. I decided that I was sick of seeing those little people they draw (that all us art teachers dread) know, the ones with the dots as noses, and sometimes the arms come out and look like they have sun's as hands. So, I decided I would attempt to teach them a simple self portrait bust. We didn't go into arms and bodies too much, just the head, neck and shoulders. This seemed to work great for the length of time we had. Just a simple crayon drawing...but the results were REALLY cute and so I made a nice display for the hallway, "The faces of full-day Kindergarten":

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Art Pad

Wow. I found this on another website someplace and thought my kids would really enjoy this when they had some extra time. Boy, did they!

Here is the website for the program:

I put it up on my promethean board, and we had instant entertainment.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Anonymous Comments

I've had a lot of anonymous comments lately asking for specific step-by-steps on lessons. It would be nice to know who is asking especially when doing that takes a lot of time. I feel like part of this journey of me blogging my art experience is to also learn from others, and I can't do that if you're anonymous. Also, most of my projects came from me finding something and breaking it down on my own to figure out the best "step by step" approach for the kids I specifically teach. I think that may also be the best thing for some of you, too. Because, as we all know that students all learn so very uniquely and differently. For example, I found the flag project through my cooperating teacher in college....I just looked at the picture and figured out the best way to break it down line by line for my students.

As for the recent question on the Asian landscapes; that is a SUPER simple thing. Basically, you take another piece of paper (9x12 manila) and cut out the shape of the mountains. Lay that down directly over your 9x9 square piece of white paper. Use chalk pastels and rub a heavy line just above the cut line on the manila paper. Take a paper towel and rub in a downward motion onto the white square paper. Don't move the manila paper until you've rubbed the entire thing. Remove just like a stencil. It's the same concept. You can keep layering them all you'd like. You can also make lots of different projects by using this technique. I encourage you to try your own, trial by error...that's how I come up with half of these things.


Under the Sea, 3rd Grade

This isn't one of my actual lessons, we're doing this for our "Art to Remember" fundraiser project in one our 3rd grade classes...however, I love this one and it's not even done yet.

Wanted to share....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentines Day Pockets, 2nd Grade

In their classrooms the kids have Valentines Day parties, where they all give the cute little cards to one another (exactly like we did as kids, some things never change!). So, we made the 'holders' for those cards.

These are made from a half of a paper plate simply stapled to a piece of construction paper. Then, I wrote everyones names so they would be neat. They added all the detail with glitter crayons and sharpie.