Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simple Self Portraits, Kindergarten

Last week I wasn't quite sure what to do with my full day kindergarten classes (to be very honest!) that would keep them attentive and occupied the entire time. I decided that I was sick of seeing those little people they draw (that all us art teachers dread)...you know, the ones with the dots as noses, and sometimes the arms come out and look like they have sun's as hands. So, I decided I would attempt to teach them a simple self portrait bust. We didn't go into arms and bodies too much, just the head, neck and shoulders. This seemed to work great for the length of time we had. Just a simple crayon drawing...but the results were REALLY cute and so I made a nice display for the hallway, "The faces of full-day Kindergarten":


Patty Palmer said...

So cute! I love seeing all those cute little faces up on the wall together!
Nicely done.

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