Friday, April 17, 2009

Simple Self Portraits with a Splash, 2nd Grade

A month ago one of my 2nd grade classes started asking me about drawing themselves. They wanted to, but felt very overwhelmed with the idea. So, we got out some paper and I did the old fashion portrait lesson (in fact, I taught this to high schoolers when student teaching!). I showed them how our face is pretty symmetrical and all the little 'rules' to how far apart features should be, etc. The results were pretty good for 2nd grade! I didn't want to go and mess them up by having them outline in sharpie or we decided to cut them out, and put them onto a tissue-paper modge-podged background (hence...our "Splash!"). I thought having a simple portrait against the crazy background was actually a nice balance. Oh, and this was actually my idea ;) ha!

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Sheila Samuel said...

You have done an outstanding job with this webpage!!!!! I hope that when I retire, I can devote some time into making webpages with tons of lesson plans, links and other related information for art teachers and lovers of the teaching of the arts in our schools! Your site is awesome