Monday, April 6, 2009

Clay Foods, 4th Grade

I don't have a kiln and to be honest, I'm not sure if it's ever in the future for me, sadly. However, this year I was able to purchase some Crayola Air Dry Clay, and the reason I like this so much is because you can use marker, watercolors, or tempera to color them. It's easy! Its mess-free! It's what we got, so we make it work. We talked about different types of food, and the students only got a small little piece of clay. If they wanted something big, it had to be hallowed out and stuffed with a paper towel. It worked. They look great. They had to name their food as if it were on a menu and we'll display them with little cards saying that. Here is a quick shot of them :)

OH! And, And, AND!! I got a new Canon Rebel this weekend, so soon, my pictures will be much better.

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Susan said...

this is so great! makes me hungry looking at it! haha!