Thursday, April 16, 2009

Contour Line Flowers, 2nd Grade

I got this idea from TeachKidsArt, and actually do my own version of this in the fall with leaves. But, this was a fun idea for springtime. It was also a great way to show my 2nd grade kiddos the color wheel and get talking about warm and cool colors. They really "got" it. Once they made one in cool or warm, they wanted to do the opposite, too. I figured it would be nice to display the two next to one another for the halls.


Ms. Julie's Place said...

I had kids alternate cool and warn on these, and it also became the basis for the Munch lesson I just did. What's really fun is watching my seven year old organize his colored pencils by warm and cool colors after a lesson like this.

Joi said...

These would be perfect to go along with our garden that we are starting.