Thursday, November 20, 2008

Self Portraits, by 1st Grade

I love doing self portraits with the kids at this age, because we are able to break them of their bad habits of drawing people at a young age. The best part is that we do a before picture, and the after is an amazing difference. The kids feel so confident in their artwork.


Ms. Julie's Place said...

I did self portraits with my class today too!I'll post pics later.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Hopefully you'll find something useful there. I'll be sure to steal some of your great project ideas from you if you promise to do the same!

Katie Gonzalez said...

I love before and after self-portraits. Most kids (and adults) don't realize what they're missing, or what they are capable of! With our recent self-portrait units, the students would forget details like ears, noses, necks, etc. in their initial drawings. Later, when they looked at their improvements, they were so proud! I think such a big part of what our students can do depends on our expectations of them!