Thursday, November 20, 2008

Outdoor Monet Murals, 5th Grade

It was the end of the year, and I had just taught the 5th graders about Monet. We ran out of time to do the painting project that was really my I got the genius idea to go outside with chalk, pair up the kids, and give them 45 minutes to re-create a Monet masterpiece on a big sidewalk square. It was one of my favorite memories from the year. They didn't care that the forecast was was the experience, it was getting out there, getting dirty and chalky, and having fun.


Jackie Cassidy said...

i LOVE THIS!!! It's great when a last minute change up turns into the most memorable experience for the kids!

Jess Ott said...

what a great idea...i LOVE it...might have to steal this one when spring rolls around.

Anonymous said...

thats seems like an interesting idea, good call! also you could read kids some art history research paper about Mone. but still, that was pretty nice idea.