Thursday, November 20, 2008

Optical Illusion Art, 5th Grade

This should help you get started....more coloring directions are in the comments:


gabi said...

I would love a tutorial... !

gabi said...

actually... I think I probably figured it out. I'm going to do it with my 5th grade class. I'll send you pictures. Actually I did the Georgia O'Keeffe inspired flowers with three sections of second grade... It was a HUGE HIT! I do have pictures but they're not on the internet yet. I'll make sure to share. I LOVE your blog! It's the BEST.

Katie said...

Hi! I'm so glad you have been enjoying your blog. Anytime you want to send any picture my way, I'd love that! You can email me to:

Let me know if you need more help with these, they can be tricky, but once you figure it out...easy. The kids will have a semi-difficult time with it, but just keep encouraging them.

Miss Abella said...

I would really really love the tutorial for this. Would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

allison said...

I would love a tutorial too!!!

Anonymous said...

Me too!

Abella said...

Hi, I would really love a tutorial for this!! My email is

Would be very much appreciated.
Thanks!! :)

Mindi said...

Beautiful! Could I get directions for this project? Email is

gil said...

I would LOVE a tutorial (directions) for this project.
I am heading up our 5th Grade Art Docent team and this project would be fabulous!!
Thanks, Heidi
: Email:

Stacey Mendelson said...

Hi there
I love this optical illusion art but can't figure out how it's!! Can you please send me the steps to creating this? I teach grade 5/6 in Toronto, Canada.



Berg Family said...

These are awesome.Do you have a tutorial/directions? My daugher is in 6th grade and needs to do an art project. She would love to do this with her class. Can you email it to me at

Berg Family said...

These are awesome.Do you have a tutorial/directions? My daugher is in 6th grade and needs to do an art project. She would love to do this with her class. Can you email it to me at

cynthia said...

Love the look. Would you send me directions for this "Optical Illusion Art" project? Thank you so much!

roseerin said...

This looks like a fantastic art project for my Grade 5 class. I believe I know how you did it but would like the tutorial, if you have one, to compare. Thanks.

Susan said...

This looks like a great art project. Can you send me directions?
Thanks, Susan

Anonymous said...

Can someone post on here how to do this project?
Thank you!!!

Jess Ott said...

This is how I would guess it is done.

Draw a dot in the middle of a paper. From that dot draw out 8 lines. Connect those lines with arcs, but alternate so it appears to "bubble."

Then draw arc stripes in each, these should also alternate like the top connecting line. Choose two colors. Alternate those colors.

Then shade the whites with the color next to it...

blue in the green, green in the blue (example). Does that make sense?

Katie said...

Jess is right, that's how its done, basically. You must have two different marker colors and two different colored pencil colors that MATCH that color.

Honestly, I don't have the actual step by step directions written down anywhere! I did this lesson once about 3 years ago and haven't had 5th graders since. It is tricky even for 5th graders.

I'm going to be updating this with a picture of some step by steps on drawing it. It won't explain the coloring part, but Jess did a decent job of that :)

Anonymous said...

Könnten sie mir bitte,die genaue Anleitung zu Opstische Täuschung schicken. Danke.

Julie Huskey said...

Thank you for the ideas! I gave it a try and linked a post to yours from my blog (!!

"We did these optical illusions that I have seen on many blogs like Oodles of Art ( so we gave it a try and then they had to write about what their piece reminded them of when they finished."

Phyllis said...

Totally late to the party, here ;)

I tried this with my home-schooled 6th grade son and he wasn't enthusiastic. So while he was doing his work, I did the project, but only in pencil. It's awesome, even though I've always been terrible at shading... So next time, it's color and I'm dragging my son and his buddy into it.

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