Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lizards, 3rd Grade

I saw this project and even I felt intimidated by it! I thought, wow...I have never really drawn a lizard before, this will be hard. But, it really is simple once broken down into steps, and I felt confident enough to teach it to my 3rd graders. They are an awesome group of kids that are super excited about learning and trying new things. I almost NEVER hear whining out of them, which is all sorts of awesome, right?

These were done on 9x12 black construction paper. Drew with a black oil pastel first (no pencils!), added color with chalk pastels, and then re-outlined in a black oil pastel again to make 'em pop. The detailed directions are on that link given above.

I LOVE getting ideas from other art teachers, it rocks...and so do these:


Susan said...

these are so cool and really different! the 3rd one really looks like he's clinging to that tree branch!

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