Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bug Jars, 4th Grade

This is one of my favorite projects, but it takes a long time. We focus on 'observational' drawing, and the students use detailed pictures of insects to draw their own insects focusing on the lines and little details of the insect.

Then, they color with prismacolors. We talk about blending with them, to make the insects look 3D.

Next, we create a bug jar from a separate piece of 12x18 paper. The students add detail inside the bug jar (a twig, a water bowl, a spider web, etc). Then, they cut out their bugs and glue them on. They may flip up the wings of their flying creatures and make them pop out.

Lastly, they glue their bug jar onto a 12x18 colored piece of paper, and add a table-cloth design to add detail and contrast.

Oh, and I almost forgot-add the bug jar sign on with tape, or draw it on. The sign may say various things:

"Creepy crawly bugs!"
"Beware of bugs"
"My bug jar"
"I love bugs"
"Caution: Man Eating Bugs"

(Trust me, I've seen it all!)

Have fun. (Sorry my picture isn't the best)


Sue said...

Hi Julie,
Love this bug project. We are dong a unit on what to do when people bug you at the moment. This would be a great lesson to work into the unit. Thanks

Katie said...

Jule is from Miss. Julies place :) I think you may have gotten us confused. She has a great site too. I love this project too, but it does take a lot of time if you want it done neatly.


Barb Webb said...

By Prismacolors, do you mean the markers or the pencils? I can't quite tell from the picture. Thanks!

Pink & Green Mama said...

Hi Katie!! I used to do this same art lesson with my Second graders for their insect science unit. I have a pattern the kids would trace for their jars to fill the whole paper then I would pass out plastic bugs to all of the tables for the kids to "observe" while they drew. We started in pencil, outlined in black felt tip pen, then colored in with colored pencil. It would take two (1 hr.) classes to complete but they always turned out great. So glad to see the lesson is still around!

Fondly, MaryLea

Anonymous said...

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Nguyen Duc said...

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