Friday, May 15, 2009

Anna's Animals

One of my 4th graders who is unable to attend gym class for health reasons opts to come to me in lieu of gym. So, she gets extra art time and she treasures it. She has some amazing drawing talent. Her "extra" class has been devoted to created realistic animal drawings, using shading with colored pencils and extra fine point sharpies. I am so proud of what she's done. Here are two of her four animals she's made over the course of the year. She really takes her time, and it's obvious. I will definitely miss her next year.


Susan said...

wow! she really is talented for only being in 4th grade. how fun for her to get to spend some extra time with her art teacher, too! :)

Peggy said...

I am impressed that she doesn't try and fit the whole animal on the page. That seems so advanced.
I teach art (k-8) and love your blog.

Katie Gonzalez said...


Katie said...

Thanks everyone :) Anna is really talented. She was just looking at some magazine clippings of photographs of the animals. NO tracing. ;) She is really just that good. I will miss her next year!