Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yo-Yo's and creativity.

I've been telling my friend Sarah, over at Present Expression that we need to get together so she can show me some of the tricks of the trade. You see, I love making earrings and being crafty, but her craftiness level is well beyond mine. She is super inspiring. My husband is away this weekend, and I found myself extremely BORED last night. Me and the dogs. Woohoo! What fun. So, I happened to post something on my facebook about being so incredibly bored. Within minutes, Sarah had posted back...''Up for being creative?" I was so excited! So of course, I jumped on the opportunity, and over I went.

She loves to make yo-yo's and most of you probably know what they are. Well, I had never made one before, so that was where I wanted to start. She has so much cool vintage fabric after collecting over the years. Ah, so envious! But, its awesome. I ended up creating a yo-yo necklace for myself. She had some little shoe-string's knitted. We added on the jewelry connections, we found the best place for the yo-yo to go....and sewed it on. ALL by hand, I might add ;) Then, we found the weight to be a little much, so I added on some beading to make it just perfect. You like? I do. She has inspired me. So, now...I will be out treasure hunting for the next 5 years looking for old chains, ugly earrings, vintage fabric, and anything else I can get my hands on. I may come out smelling musty, but I'll get myself some fabulous finds. (i'm hoping!)


paperpest said...

I love yo yo's too. I've been making yoyo's from unfinished projects of 30 years ago! I too have vintage fabric ha! ha! We have occasional bazaars at my local senior center and there is always lots of old costume jewelry at reasonable prices.

Sarah said...

Looks beautiful, love it!!! So much fun turning something old into a beautiful piece of "fashion" art ;-)

Ooooh... "Treasure Hunting" so much fun!!!

carolyn said...

hi~i found your blog from another blog. not sure which one! anyhoo, i love your yo-yo necklace. i went through a yo yo making phase a few years ago but never thought to make them into a necklace! clever!

Sue said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for the visit and your comment. I have linked your blog to our Virtual Gallery( which is in the beginning phase).

growingupartists said...

Hi, in my scouring of the web for art-related educational opportunities for my kids, I like them to be organized by artist. I guess you could say art history is my favorite, and I'm so uneducated in what all those "famous artists" were trying to say, which styles they were trying to present, and which worldviews they were trying to blow to smitherings.

Here's one particular site I've found impressive:

My kids go to an excellent art teacher who organized our local ARTWISE, and then dropped out of the whole bureaucratic system to teach small classes in her home. She makes a great living!

Good luck with your blog. You never know where technology will take you!

zobars said...

i found your blog thru montessori mama's blog while I was reading your comment there. i will be a regular now. you have some good ideas for my pre-K daughter.