Thursday, March 12, 2009

Palm Tree Silhouettes, 3rd Grade

I got this idea through another blog. I love perusing those blogs and finding what I can to get lessons or ideas. We started with a 12x18 white piece of paper. We talked about the color wheels. We started with green, and went around...adding all the colors, blending with watercolor. The students added the silhouette part using black tempera the 2nd week. One of the students, you'll see, took a little artistic license and it's not exactly a "silhouette" anymore. But, its lovely nevertheless.

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Sue said...

Hi Katie,
I am a special education teacher in Australia. I discovered your blog today and I have been back several times to read through your posts. You have some fantastic ideas and I will come back to visit you often. I am not a trained art teacher and I am always looking for very simple ideas for my class. I will have a go at print making with the class this week after looking at yours. What did you use to apply the paint for the prints?
I have made a link to your blog in the Virtual gallery section of my blog. Hope that's okay?