Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Butterflies, 1st Grade

I actually got inspiration to draw this butterfly from one of my 1st grader's shirts last year. It had the prettiest butterfly on it, that was a very simple line drawing.

I decided to teach my 1st graders how to draw it (again, this year!), and then we added lots of different line designs using our sharpies of course.

The students were to color the butterfly with markers, trying to keep two of the same colors away from each other.

Then, we cut them out (with a "bubble" around it), and glued them on yellow paper. You may use whichever color you'd like-but yellow definitely pops for spring.

Next, we added a tissue paper border just for fun and to add texture.

This was a great 2-day lesson, and they look gorgeous!

Get a masters in education to better teach your 1st graders.


Becca said...

COngratulations on your sweet baby girl! I teach elem art in Va and I had my baby girl last Jan....I totally remember the feeling! Hang in there!

Melissa Jordan said...

Cute project!!! This is the easy part pregnancy!! More exhausting the first three months! Take care!! Best wishes!

---Melissa J

xl pharmacy said...

Looks so cute, I love to watch the drawings of kids, they have such a vivid imagination.

Paul Smith said...

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