Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One day Starry Nights, 1st Grade

I love this project so much for many reasons.

1. It takes ONE class and they look awesome.

2. It's simple, but the results are beautiful.

3. The kids think they're awesome and feel like mini-famous artists. They are always super impressed with their artwork!


Lesson Steps:

-Talk about Starry Night and Van Gogh a bit (have a print of Starry Night for easy viewing!)

-Give each student a 12 x18 black piece of paper (can use light blue or dark blue, too) and a pack of oil pastels

-Go through the steps of drawing the swirling, free-flowing details of Starry Night. No real rhyme or reason to it, just look at the painting to guide you along. (The kids should draw at their seats along with you...encourage overlapping the oil pastels to make different colors. They can also have free'er use of colors, too--so each look a bit different.)

[Note: I always start with the tree-like form on the bottom left, and then do the city/hills...then leave the sky for last!]

-NO PENCILS! Only oil pastels. This way, there is no such thing as "messing up".

Enjoy the beautiful results!


Anonymous said...

How do you keep them from smearing the oil pastels? They look great!

Anonymous said...

Hair spray is the trick to sealing the pastels or any chalk-like medium. Spray the whole sheet with hair spray.