Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Houses, Kindergarten

I rarely post Kindergarten lessons...because, to be honest, they are often times a mess. I know that sounds so horrible, but I don't teach just regular AM and PM kinders, I teach the full day guys. They need a little bit of extra help, and are overall a little bit of a tough group. I was proud of them this week with their house projects. They followed along, and some of them even looked like houses in the end! Here is one of my favorites.

My favorite part (riiiight) is the floating candy cane in the sky. The kids just cannot get Christmas off their mind, can you blame them, really?

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Jess Ott said...

haha, I literally laughed out loud reading the candy cane part.

you have a great blog! love it!

I am a first year teacher...boy, do websites/ideas help!


I am hoping to have a little blog going for next school year! :0